Greg Strack, et al v. UMBC

In 2021, several UMBC library employees pursued a grievance against their supervisor Paula Langley. Backed by their union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees(AFSCME), their grievance went to the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings. As UMBC and Paula Langley's lawyer put pressure on the grievants, along with whatever other difficulties these working class people faced in their lives, multiple grievants dropped out before it made it to court in 2022. The OAH therefore did basically nothing except admit that the situation sounded horrible and UMBC agreed to pay closer attention, as if 6 years of Langley's harassment hadn't been continuously reported to them, including by library tech Vivien Barrett who, after being ignored, died by suicide. Her social media posts, including the ones in which she stated her suicidal intent, were included as evidence in the hearing and the conditions she faced were discussed.

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